Increase Production & Quality: Exploring Tibetan Dhoop Making Machines

8 Apr
Increase Production & Quality: Exploring Tibetan Dhoop Making Machines

Changing Nepal believes in transforming individuals from "Udyami" (entrepreneurs) to "Udhyogapati" (successful industrialists) by providing the necessary tools, training, and support. For aspiring entrepreneurs, they offer comprehensive training programs to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed for success in the dhoop-making industry.

Compare Tibetan Dhoop and Agarbatti

Dhoop incense is used in rituals like puja devotional worship. The fragrance is believed to calm the mind and facilitate spiritual practices. Machines for making Tibetan dhoop (aka dhoop incense); let's learn about this in the machine. Before that, know what the difference is between dhoop and agarbatti.

Basis Tibetan Dhoop Agarbatti
Shape It comes in shapes like cones, blocks, or even sticks (without bamboo core) comes in thin sticks with a bamboo core
Burning Burns faster with intense smoke It burns slowly with subtle smoke
Use Used in religious ceremonies for purification or offering Used for light fragrances in meditation and religious ceremonies
Characteristics Strong fragrance and thicker smoke Thinner smoke and light fragrance

1. Tibetan Dhoop Making Machine (Nano Machine):

The Tibetan Dhoop-making machine is a device used for producing Dhoop, a type of incense stick used in various religious and spiritual practices in Tibetan Buddhism and other traditions.

Tibetan dhoop-making machines come in different models and setups, and this nano machine consists of a series of rollers and drying trays. The rollers roll the dhoop paste around thin bamboo sticks.

Whenever buying dhoop-making machines, you need to check on their key features, like their ability to produce uniform shapes and sizes of dhoop sticks. Dhoop batti machines outperform traditional manual methods in terms of productivity.

Tibetan dhoop is made with a mixture of herbs, spices, woods, resins, and other natural fragrances. These dhoop fragrances have medicinal properties or spiritual significance in Tibetan Buddhist traditions, which are quite popular these days in the Nepalese market as well.

Machine Speed 200 piece/minute
Production in kg up to 150kg/8h
Machine size (LxBxH) 23x16x38inch
Production 70,000 pieces/day
Required power 1HP three phase/single phase
Weight 96 kg

The Stickless Dhoop Making Machine can make dhoop batti of various sizes. These dhoop batti machines in Nepal cost Rs 185,000, with additional charges for dies and conveyor systems.

Dhoop batti sizes (Length times height)
5 mm 5.5 inch
6 mm 3.5 inch
7 mm 2.8 inch
8 mm 2 inch
10 mm 1.4 inch
12 mm 1 inch

Contact for features while Changing Nepal can prebook your machinery and also help to install the machinery at the buyer’s facility. So, what are you waiting for? Start your dhoop batti production today.

2. Dhoopbatti Making machine (Candy Type)

Dhoopbatti-making machines make large numbers of dhoop batti per hour. These machines have one inbuilt die, because of which different sizes and shapes of dhoop batti can be made. Consistently, one can make various sizes of dhoop batti and gain market share by choosing any one die with these dhoop batti sizes.

Dhoopbatti size (Lx B)
5 mm 14 inch
6 mm 10 inch
7 mm 8 inch
8 mm 6.5 inch
10 mm 4.5 inch
12 mm 3.1 inch
14 mm 2.3 inch
15 mm 2 inch
20 mm 1.5 inch

Ideal for small businesses, these candy-type Tibetan dhoop machines produce 120 pieces per minute and up to 55,000 pieces per day. The Tibetan dhoop machine operates on 1 HP of three-phase or single-phase electricity It requires a storage space of 4.25 feet by 4 feet and has a total weight of around 150 kg, made with durable stainless steel.

The Dhoopbatti-making machine candy types cost you around Rs 275,000, with an extra conveyor system of Rs 30,000. And an extra die cost of Rs 2500 in Nepal. The average price of a dhoop batti machine in Nepal thereby ranges up to Rs 3 lakhs, based on the additional accessories you need for kick-starting dhoop batti production.

3. Dhoop Stick (dry) Making Machine (Hydraulic type) (With Auto Cutter)

The dhoop stick dry machine is also available at the changing Nepal outlet, with a hydraulic system to create pressure. Most of all, what stands out is the machine’s exceptional ability to handle high pressure for tasks like compressing the dhoop mixture.

This machine comes with automation features for cutting the dhoop sticks. The hydraulic-type dhoop machine eliminates the need for manual cutting and is specialized for high-pressure tasks for compressing the dhoop mixtures.

The machine will require 3.5 HP of horsepower (HP) to operate, typically three-phase electricity. The machine uses a die to form the shape of the dhoop stick, and various diameters are available to create the dhoop sticks, with the ability to produce 150 to 250 kg dhoop in an 8-hour shift of operation.

Even the length of the dhoop stick can be varied by adjusting the cutting blade in the dhoop machines. It is capable of handling mold sizes between 5 mm and 10 mm. Also, it has various diameter options, 32 cavity for 7mm, 42 cavity for 5mm, and 37 cavity for 6 mm.

This is a heavy-duty machine model with 420 kg of weight. Its typical average size is 110x30x42 (LxBxH) inches. The Dhoop Batti hydraulic machine comes with an inbuilt two-conveyor system, with variable speed and an electric control panel.

Only one die set is in the built-in machine, that can be changed for this hydraulic operating machine. If you need the oil cooling system for the machine, it costs an extra Rs 45,000 in Nepal, with the heavy cylinder.

This Tibetan dhoop batti machine has a material loading capacity of 3kg (dry), and that is the maximum limit for one cycle. Such a heavy-duty machine comes with a free material mixing formula, machine operation training, and guidance on raw material supply.

The Tibetan dhoop-making machine with a hydraulic operating system costs around NPR 620000 in Nepal. But they can also shop for optional attachments and accessories, like air compressors and hydraulic oil themselves


If you plan to significantly scale up your Tibetan dhoop-making business, choose Changing Nepal as your machinery supplier. Choose a machine designed for medium- to large-dhoop makers looking to boost capacity in their dhoop machines. Also, look for its premium features like automated rollers, hydraulic power, and auto drying features based on your production needs.

However, if you are starting a small operation, the upfront cost of getting automated features may outweigh the efficiency gains. Thus, match your needs when investing in the Tibetan dhoop-making machine.