Embroidery Machine Buying Guide: Top Models and Considerations

3 Apr
Embroidery Machine Buying Guide: Top Models and Considerations

An embroidery machine is a specialized type of sewing machine designed specifically for creating embroidered designs and patterns on fabrics or other materials. The machine is creating patterns on textiles. It is used to decorate garments, apparel, and fabrics of your choice.

Types of Embroidery Machines

There are different embroidery machines based on their function and advantages. Starting with mechanical embroidery machines, free-motion machine embroidery, Cornely hand-guided embroidery, computer-controlled machines, and several varieties. Today lets

1. Single-Head Embroidery Machines

Single-head embroidery machines are versatile sewing and embroidery machines, suitable for small businesses. The high-quality embroidery is compact in size and relatively lower in cost compared to multi-head machines. Here is why a single-head embroidery machine is best suited for small embroidery businesses or pursuing it as a hobby.

  • suitable for small-scale operations or home-based businesses
  • embroidery head remains stationary, with a movable embroidery arm
  • fast embroidery with 1000 to 1200 stitches per minute
  • enhance functionality with cap drivers, air clamp frames, pocket frames, and sequin devices
  • Popular models like Brother SE625, Janome Memory Craft 500E, and Bernina Deco 650

The price of a single-head embroidery machine starts at NPR 550,000 in Nepal. The prices may vary and go beyond the machine’s optional accessories and production capacity. At Changing Nepal outlet shop for single head 12 needle flat/cap computer embroidery machine.

2. Multi-Head Embroidery Machines

Multi-head embroidery machines are designed for commercial and industrial embroidery businesses. High production volumes are required; that's why heads and needles can be customized based on the specific needs of the business.

A multi-head embroidery machine allows for higher output by significantly increasing productivity and efficiency in large-scale embroidery operations. This multi-head embroidery machine comes with 2-head, 4-head, 6-head, and 12-head machines. Some of the top models for multi-head embroidery are mentioned below,

  • Meistergram Pro1508
  • SWF MAS-12 Embroidery Machine
  • Richpeace NON-STOP Automatic
  • Melco EMT16X

Things to Consider When Buying an Embroidery Machine

When it comes to purchasing an embroidery machine, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the right machine for your needs. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Budget

Embroidery machines can be brought in at different budgets so consider one to narrow down the suitable embroidery machine for you. Determine your budget upfront to help narrow down your options. At our Changing Nepal outlet, we get imported embroidery machines at a price range from Rs 550,000 to NPR 2,800,000, based on several heads embroidery machines have.

2. Skill Level

Embroidery machines come with different styles, designs, and automation features. The needle threatening, tension control, use of a hoop, and forming patterns may vary from machine to machine, so prefer what skill set you are planning to use in the machine.

3. Embroidery Field Size

Consider picking the right embroidery field size for your machine. Common sizes include 4”x4”, 5”x7”, and 6"x10", which is the maximum area that can be embroidered in a single hoop. Consider the types of projects you are interested in.

4. Number of built-in designs

Some embroidery machines come with a built-in design of a library; consider knowing about the offers and their capability to create intricate designs. Also, check for the automatic thread tension in the embroidery process.

5. Brand Reputation

Consider the reputation of the brand before you purchase embroidery machines. Changing Nepal is one such brand with good after-sale service and even a decent warranty if any issues with the motor persist. Read reviews and compare the features of different brands before you buy an embroidery machine.

6. Extra features

In addition to the machine itself, you'll also need to purchase embroidery hoops, needles, thread, and a stabilizer. Take a test drive of the embroidery machine and also consider the cost of these extras when budgeting for your machine.

7. Warranty and support

Before buying an embroidery machine, look for a reliable warranty and coverage. Look to understand what the company is willing to give you in terms of materials and to help you troubleshoot technical issues.

7 Reasons to Start an Embroidery Business at Home

Starting embroidery at your home business, just as a beginner, can go perfectly with the single-head machine. The sewing and embroidery process is an art and technical embroidery machine, with automation features that help you achieve it as a polished brand, even when starting from low.

Embroidery is a versatile and potentially profitable business with the right equipment, skills, and marketing strategy in place. Start up as a passion, with low initial investment, flexibility, creative expression, and the ability to make customizable products, to start as a demanding clothing brand for entrepreneurs.

Embroidery is often more technical work, is relatively costly due to setup fees and the high value of skills, and can be more preferred work. All you need is the right idea to start an embroidery business at home with the right commercial embroidery machine and get in the right direction with sufficient pre-planning. The Reasons to start a business at home are,

  1. 1. Easy to scale up with design flexibility
  2. 2. Low startup costs are required for a single-head embroidery machine
  3. 3. A compact-size machine cuts off your price
  4. 4. Work in flexible hours with creativity and freedom
  5. 5. Cater to diverse niche clients with personalized gifts
  6. 6. Embroidery as a craft is artistic and attractive garments
  7. 7. Embroidery has low supply costs and high-profit margins

Top Considerations by Skill Level for Embroidery Machines

When selecting an embroidery machine, it's important to consider your embroidery goals and skill levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level embroidery plans.

1. Beginner Embroiderers

As a beginner, it is advisable to look for machines with intuitive interfaces, built-in tutorials or guides, and easy threading systems. Understand the basics and get creative with what you can do more seamlessly.

Besides, look for an ideal machine with a built-in library of designs (pre-programmed designs) and practice additional designs in the embroidery machine. The automatic needle threaders, easy setup, and more budget-friendly embroidery machine can be the deal for you.

Check for the presence of adjustable speed, controlled stitching speed, and USB connectivity in the embroidery machines for skill progression.

2. Intermediate Embroiderers

Look for features like automatic needle threading, color sorting amazing features, and wider stitch count. Know the basics, like framing up, common stitches, and fabric layout correction. Avoid overlapping with understanding the functionality of the machines. And make embroidery a fun business with an advanced level of machinery.

Basic editing software can be something to count on to simply pre-load your designs, and make space for creative control. Working with a stitch count between 200 and 300 can be sufficient, for lettering, embellishments, and unique textures on garments for your small business.

A flexible free arm, clips, and stitch tension control with an extendable hook is something that matches the interests of mid-level embroiderers. Machines can have an all-purpose fit for satin overcasting, blind hem, zipper, buttonhole, straight stitch, button sewing, parallel sewing, and embroidery.

Besides, an embroiderer can look for a slightly larger embroidery field (5x7 inches). Or, a 6x10 inch embroidery field fits well with embroidery needs; one can choose based on what’s available in the marketplace.

3. Experienced Embroider

Experienced embroiderers require embroidery machines with higher stitch counts and faster stitch rates per minute. This high capacity allows them to produce more intricate and detailed designs, as well as faster project completion.

Also, compatibility with various factors, decorative elements, advanced lettering options, and customizable embroidery plans is something that excites them. High professional embroidery software and precise thread tension make embroidery of top quality and experienced professionals enjoy standing out in the market with these features to streamline embroidery.


Embroidery machines can help businesses achieve goals with their high stitch count, large embroidery field, advanced embroidery editing software, and, most importantly, commercial durability.

Changing Nepal embroidery machine known for its different textures and effects on stitches, fine-tuning, and advanced options on letters to volume embroidery production, with various add-on features, can be the one. Book your Changing Nepal machine today!